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About Memphis Eye Clinic

Memphis Eye Clinic is a general ophthalmology and retina practice located on the Baptist Memorial Hospital East campus in Memphis, Tennessee. We also serve a satellite clinic in Corinth, Mississippi. Please see the Contact Us page for information on scheduling an appointment at either of our locations.

We are proud to be serving our patients in an office space that incorporates the latest innovations in environmentally-conscious design. The "Green Model Office", designed by Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects for Healthcare Realty Trust, utilizes such ideas as natural day lighting, water conservation systems, and automated lights for energy conservation. To read more about our office design, please see the information below.

Meet Ana LucÍa Flores, M.D.

Doctor Ana Lucía Flores was born and raised in Guatemala. Having learned English at the age of 3, she pursued higher education in the United States of America and ultimately graduated from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. Upon completing her Ophthalmology training at the University of South Florida, Dr. Flores arrived to Memphis to pursue fellowship training in vitreoretinal diseases and surgery. She has been providing ophthalmic care to patients in the Mid-South since 2003 and is currently Board Certified and licensed to practice medicine in Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Environmentally Conscious Office Design

Designing a doctor's office to be "Green" involves not only energy efficient ideas and resources but also selecting materials that are healthy, both for the environment and our patients. The Green Model Office, developed by Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects for Healthcare Realty Trust, incorporates the latest innovations in environmentally-conscious design.

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All materials used to build the office were chosen for their sustainable qualities. The finishes give off no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) or off-gassing into the space. All building systems are highly energy-efficient, and local suppliers and sources were used wherever possible. Natural light and open spaces reflect the environmental choices made during the design.

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Each room in our office utilizes occupancy sensors to control room lighting, and the exposed ceiling is painted white to increase light reflectivity.

The use of interior corridor windows also reduces energy consumption and the need for artificial lighting.

Our Green Model Office perfectly reflects the idea that building design can not only be sustainable and environmentally-conscious, but also attractive!

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For example, the majestic beams that adorn our entryway are constructed of regionally grown cedar. Our beautiful reception desk is made from recycled copper. The stylish lobby carpeting is also made from recycled materials, and is modular. Modular carpeting allows replacing only areas that are stained or dirty, rather than discarding the entire carpet. Unique office divider panels are created from resin embedded with green tea plant byproducts. The panels are transparent to allow sharing light throughout the office.

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All VCT's (Vinyl Composition Tiles) in our exam rooms use >80% recycled content. The rubber baseboards also use >80% recycled content.   Even the attractive glass tile collages around each exam room's lavatory are made from >80% recycled content.

We're proud to be serving our patients in a Green office space, and confident that visitors will appreciate the benefits and beauty of Green design.

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